How Dawn Wairimu got 2,700 visitors in the first 6 weeks of blogging
Dawn Wairimu may be early in her blogging journey but she is on track to be extremely successful. Reading her blog will give you a pleasant trip into her life and her brain. Dawn shared her recipe for her success below and its full of great information. Make sure you swing by her blog and give it a read.

What is the name of your website?

Dawn Wairimu ← this is my first and middle name! I was born at dawn (morning), hence my first name. And my middle name comes from my grandmother, who is Kenyan. I am named after her.

What is the URL for your website?

What is the focus of your website?

I share things like life hacks and tips to help readers interested in exercise (running), lifestyle (decorating, hosting), and writing (blog ideas, writing structures). Other posts I like to write include imaginative thought experiments. For example, imagining what it would be like to time travel a hundred years into the future or past. Or imagining what it would be like if everyone got paid the exact same salary, regardless of job title.

How many visitors a month does your website get?

I have only been blogging about 6 weeks. In my first month, I got around 2700 visitors (6000 views). I am on track to surpass this number in my second month.

How much revenue a month does your website make?

In my first month, I made $56. I’m partway through my second month now. So far I am on track to triple what I made in my first month.

What is the best source of website traffic you have found?

I have found that the WordPress Reader has been consistent in terms of traffic. Another source of traffic has been facebook.

What is the worst source of website traffic you have found?

For me, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr have not generated much traffic.

What social media platforms do you post to?

All of them!
I don’t have many followers on any of those yet, which probably explains why traffic has been rather low as of yet.

Which social media platform provides the most traffic to your website?

Facebook! I have a facebook page specifically for my blog ( It is public, so people can find it and follow it easily.

Which social media platform provides the least traffic to your website?

Honestly, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr… none of my social medias have been generating a ton of traffic yet because I didn’t have a large following prior to starting my blog. These audiences are just starting to grow now.

How important do you think ranking well in the search engines is for your website traffic?

I think ranking well in search engines is very important. It’s how I have discovered a few awesome blogs, so I know it is important for others to discover my blogs.

Have you focused on making your website SEO friendly, if so what did you do?

I have an SEO plugin installed for my WordPress blog. I always make sure to add relevant tags comprising keywords to every single post.

Do you buy ads or pay for any of your traffic?

I do not pay for ads to be displayed on my blog. However, I do have ads on my blog as I have a Google Adsense account.

If you pay for some of your traffic, what works well?

I do not pay for my traffic. I actually didn’t know this was even possible.

If you pay for some of your traffic, what doesn’t work well?

Since I do not pay for my traffic, I have no idea.

Can you name one thing you did to build traffic that you thought would work well but flopped?

I thought that promoting on social media would generate more traffic. I’ve read other bloggers who say most of their traffic comes from their Twitter following, or they saw a bump in traffic after posting on Instagram. But none of this materialized for me as of yet.

Can you name one thing you did that really surprised you when it generated traffic?

I started a facebook page specifically for my blog so that people could subscribe to that (rather than posting updates on my personal page). This has helped.

Do you have an email list, if so how many people are on it?

I do have an email list, but there aren’t many people on it right now.

How do you grow your email list?

Hmm I have no idea. I would imagine the email list would grow if I have subscribers/followers who are not on WordPress (WordPress users can read the blog using the WordPress reader). I think the email list grows with the blog… the more popular a blog, the easier it is to find using a search engine (and whatever else), and the more likely people are to sign up for email updates.

What percentage of traffic to your site does your email list generate?

Not much at all. Like I said… not many people are on my email list right now.

What is one thing you would recommend other people in your genre not waste their time on when it comes to promoting your website?

I always thought that “liking” a blog (ie., clicking the like button) would get me noticed by the writer of the blog, and noticed by other readers. However, I later realized that just dropping a bunch of likes doesn’t get me noticed. After I started my own blog, I realized that it was more about commenting than about likes. It is better to leave a meaningful comment on someone else’s blog than to simply “like” it. By leaving a thoughtful comment, the blogger is more likely to see it and actually respond. A relevant comment might also lead them to check out my blog in return. And the same is true of their readers. I noticed that when I left comments on some of the bigger blogs, I would see referrals from their sites. This by itself might not translate to a ton of traffic all at once, but every little bit counts.

What is one thing you would recommend other people in your genre should do to promote their website?

I definitely think posting on some kind of a schedule is important. This way, readers know to expect a post. It becomes more of a routine for both the blogger and the reader. I like to know that blogs I follow will post on Mondays and Wednesdays… or every day. My favorite blogger posts every single day, and I can’t think of a day when she has missed a post. I like that about her blog. However, bloggers who post on random schedules, or disappear for long durations are really hard to connect with. It’s tougher to have that loyalty to a blog if it could very well be abandoned by the blogger at a moment’s notice.