Aoaku is all about learning to obtain, retain and re-engage your audience. When it comes to building a website or blog, there are plenty of sources out there to help you build your site and how to make money from your site. There is a gap between though. Once you have built your website, before you can make money, you have to grow your audience.

Build website – ??? – Profit

This is where Aoaku comes in. Aoaku focuses on the 3 main areas of audience development. How to obtain an audience, how to retain an audience and how to re-engage with your audience.


Maybe the hardest of all 3 steps is now to get an audience to start with. Starting from zero can be tough, especially if you don’t have the money to buy an audience. Awake will focus on how to obtain and audience from nothing. Learn the techniques and sources you can used to grow your audience.


Just obtaining an audience isn’t enough. Getting people to your website without some way to get them to come back can be like pouring water through a sieve. Aoaku will focus on the different ways to retain your audience so that you can re-engage with them


Once you have obtained and retained your audience you need some way to re-engage with them. Social networks becoming saturated. Every day there are more and more sources fighting for your audiences attention, this can be tough. Aoaku will show you the most effective ways to re-engage with your audience.

Aoaku aims to filling in the gap that other entrepreneur blog and podcasts leave out. Aoaku shows you to grow your audience so that you can make your business successful.