When we are trying to build an audience and grow the traffic to our blog or website, we often tend to stick to the main path. There is nothing wrong with using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc but they are not the only sources of traffic out there. You can often find a rich vein of traffic by experimenting and trying some of the less likely places. In this post I will suggest 5 other places you might want to check out.

Old Style Forums

Social media seems to have taken over the world. Its a common misconception that the old style Internet forums are now dead. While the usage has decreased a lot and some forums have died, there are still a lot of busy forums out there. You can more then likely find one that fits into your niche.

A good place to find these forums (other than Google of course) is ‘The Biggest Boards’ website. This site contains a list of the biggest forums out there and also breaks them down by category.

Big Boards

Slack Groups

Slack is an instant messenger platform often used by businesses to keep employees connected. A little unknown fact about Slack is there are a large number of groups on slack that are free to join for anyone. These groups are often set up to connect like minded people together to talk and learn from each other.

The list of groups available for anyone to join is diverse. Finding these groups can be tricky but luckily Standuply has pulled together a list of over 1,000 of these groups. You can find the list on their website here.

Slack Groups List

Reddit Subreddits

Reddit has been around for years and has grown into a massive online community covering pretty much any topic you can think about. As of June 2015, Reddit had over 850,000 subreddits and was still growing fast. It’s a safe bet to say they have well over 1 million now.

Posting on reddit can draw a good number of new visitors to your blog or website. Search out the subreddits that relate to your content and give it a try. Just make sure you are careful not to spam.


Twitter chats

We all know about Twitter and my guess is everyone is already engaging on Twitter at some level. There is something in twitter called Twitter chats. It’s not a feature set up by twitter but rather a way in which a certain set of users are using the platform. Rather than just posting the odd tweet here or there, some users are having scheduled chats using twitter.

These chats are set up for a specific time each week. They will last for roughly and hour. During that time people that tweet with a specific hashtag are participating in the chat. It’s easy to follow these chats if you just search for posts with the specific hashtag.

There are several places on the Internet where find details about these chats. A good one I have found is at

Twitter Chats


Often over looked but a good source of targeted traffic is Slideshare. Slideshare allows you to post a power point presentation about any topic you want. It can be easy to turn one of your blog posts into a summary powerpoint. You can then post it to slideshare to build up your branding and drive people back to your site.

On Slideshare people will be searching for information in your specific niche. If you provide the right content you can build a targeted niche following for your area of expertise.